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Brand-led [Circularity] Platform & Ecosystem Builder

Our Vision:
A thriving Ecosystem Economy across Europe
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Alex Pesjak Brand-Led Platform and Ecosystem Builder - Change & Innovation Expert


Based on 20 years of large corporation leadership roles and consulting 11+ years with enterprise and public companies, I connect silos that are normally not. You as leaders however look for holistic perspectives for becoming a 21st Century Company!

Platform AND Ecosystem Discovery Camps

You cannot lead towards something you cannot imagine or better understand. Peter C. Evans (co-chair of MIT Platform Summit) and I guide your enlarged leadership teams in a customized process.

Ecosystem AND Platform Discovery Camp
Ecosystem and Platform Discovery Camp

Ecosystem Innovation Discovery Camps

You are engaged in #startups, #venturebuilding, #innovation, but your management tools and approach towards innovation do not produce the results. Join Andrea Kates (#SiliconValley Expert) and I with your enlarged leadership team to understand and co-design ecosystem innovation and commit to making it happen subsequently.

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About Me

I have 20 years of international leadership experience in global companies: Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods (now MDLZ).In the last 11 years I built my muscle in comprehensive Digital Transformation and Innovation consulting projects.In my role as VP Europe in McFadyen Digital - one of the leading platform strategy and implementation experts worldwide - I focus on Circularity Platforms and Ecosystems as they will be the only compatible form of collaboration in a fully networked world. I actively contribute to the leading Global Communities in platform, ecosystem and innovation.I love Speaker assignments that allow me to share the red thread view of this new world!I live in the mountains of the Tyrol and mainly operate in Europe. I use Munich as my go to market hub, which is only 2 hours away.

Alex Pesjak on a glacier

Strong WHAT

Proven tools and proprietary frameworks that are easy to use, memorize and communicate are the foundation of solid strategy and implementation. Unique 1 pagers to empower large ecosystems.

Unique HOW

Buying technology is necessary but not a sufficient condition. Large projects fail because of lack of alignment, commitment and ownership. Processes need to be made for people and not for machines.

How can we help you?

Please feel free to informally discuss your challenges and problems to solve. Just use the Calendly Link below to book a slot. Hello!!!
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